Learn How 2 Ski

Plough turning

50 sec Level 1 22.830

The goal in this lesson is to make first turns on the snow. For this choose a gently inclined slope.

  • Initiate the turn by doing an upward–inward movement with our whole body
  • The skier drifts towards the fall line in neutral position 
  • In the fall line, shift the weight outside, and steer the turn by edging and turning the heels.
  • For a better control, stay in the wedge position throughout the whole turn.

Steps for learning:

  1. Stationary exercise: bend your ankles, knees and hips alternately while standing
  2. Make a half-turn in the run out (train on both sides)
  3. Make slight turns while skiing down, staying close to the fall line
  4. Make a single turn on a gently inclined slope
  5. Link turns together

Congratulations, you just made your first turn!

Going up by lifts can make the skiing day more comfortable.